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Baseball In Any Season Baseball in Every Season

When I was a small child I loved baseball. We lived for a while outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  And that was Pirates country.  In the sixties this wasn’t a bad thing other than the very polluted air from all of the steel mills.  The Pirates were a good team with a true baseball hero-Roberto Clemente! Everyone wanted to cheer for him in the old Forbes Field.  I remember my father would take me to games in the old stadium in 1964-1968 before we moved away. My first game was in 1964!  I was four years old at the time.

I remember every time I went to the games we wore our Pirates black hat with the yellow P for Pittsburgh.  And of course, I always took a mitt. Who knew if we would catch a foul ball or not.  In 1967 we went to the Mets vs Pittsburgh series.  Each game I ran to have a ball signed.  And managed to get several of the Mets signatures even though they were the enemy!

After all baseball is baseball.

I had a huge collection of baseball cards.  That I wish I still had today.  But after schlepping them around several moves, my mother decided girls shouldn’t be still collecting baseball cards at 12 and I had to give them to my nephews.   (My mother should have already gotten the clue that I wasn’t into girl games and toys since I had 5 GI Joes growing up.  Maybe she thought she could take the tomboy out of me by making sure I didn’t do those kinds of things like collect baseball cards! – HA!)

But my love for baseball never ceased. I always followed secretly my “teams”.  But I didn’t go to many games and my girlfriends were not interested in baseball . And then when my handsome and smart son started to play at four at our park I was so happy. 

And now he is a sophomore in High School. He played varsity ball last year as the DH and had the third highest batting average.  He loves baseball and is talented at it. There is nothing better in life than sitting on the bleachers watching him play or practice with his batting coach, catching coach or pitching coach!  But ironically it is his passion that he developed on his own.

The season will start-up soon for high school ball. And spring training for the majors is only two months away. They will start gathering in February!

But how blessed I am because my son plays year-round! So for me luckily it is baseball in any season and every season. 
Truly a dream come true.  

Note to mother who is now watching from heaven–The baseball cards might be long gone but the love of the game remains! I know you are proud of your grandson.  I just wish you and Dad were here to watch him play.

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