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Communications Disasters

It has happened.  The city is crippled.  I have been officially told who knows when service will be repaired.   Mercury is in retrograde until tomorrow.  But the communications havoc at ATT on the main lines in Los Angeles will go on long after Mercury, the planet that plays communication havoc in astrology, goes direct.

I have no service both at home and at temple.  Internet. Phones.  Everything.  In a world where we stay connected to one another through these devices it puts a kink in communicating with one another when the main lines are down.

ATT just told me two weeks til home internet service may be repaired!

Indeed this is a spiritual lesson.  A lesson in patience. A lesson in kindness to those working for ATT.  They too are frustrated.  Customers go off on them.

Have some compassion for the technicians.  But maybe it is time to consider switching carriers!!!

It is also time to demand better from the FCC and from our Congress people who oversee the FCC.  It is time to demand better from our statewide Public Utilities Commissioners to stop bowing down to the ATT God and demand real service rather than being held hostage.  That is what is happening now. We are being held hostage by a company that doesn’t maintain the lines properly so that when it rains the lines go bad.

Infrastructure matters.

Especially so in these times when communicating electronically is part of the glue that holds our society together: social networks, business networks, community networks, emergency networks.

So if I don’t post daily you will understand the communication disaster that is happening right now.  I wish us all patience, understanding, kindness and perhaps this is a gift we all need to slow down, disconnect and talk to our neighbor next door again!!!!



4 thoughts on “Communications Disasters”

  1. Denise – you are so right. Infrastructure matters. Our world is so fueled by the “new” and expedient that we often don’t take enough time to strengthen , to nourish what is, and to create the basic relationships that hold us and our institutions up. Thanks for posting. Best to you and hope to see you soon.

  2. Tonight (Tuesday, December 28, 2010), a documentary called “THE CRUMBLING OF AMERICA” is being shown on the History International (“HI”) Channel (IF you have access to cable or satellite TV!). It is scheduled to be telecast at 8:00 p.m. ET. This documentary is a report on the state of the nation’s dilapidated infrastructure, from bridges and highways to pipelines carrying water and gas, with a look at their history and present condition. During the first half of the 20th century, the U.S. built its bridges, highways, tunnels, dams, levees, ports, water and gas pipelines. But now these steel and concrete achievements have deteriorated to the point where more than 70,000 of our nation’s bridges are rated structurally deficient. Massive grid failures have left millions in the dark. Over 25,000 miles of commercial navigable waterways and locks have exceeded their 50-year design life. Everything from crumbling levees to pipelines to railroads is past their expiration date. During the Eisenhower administration, the U.S. spent about 14% of our economy on the country’s infrastructure. Today the country only spends around 2.5% on infrastructure, which is the reason for its decline. I guess the fact that the HI Channel is playing “THE CRUMBLING OF AMERICA” tonight (when everyone’s cable connections are down and, therefore, cannot watch the program) is some sort of cosmic joke since Mercury is in retrograde until tomorrow.

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