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Computer Ghouls

Why is it that when you are under the most pressure at work with deadlines, projects and important tasks that the computer ghouls come out?  They pick the exact time–crunch time to crash your workstation, lose valuable information or documents, or access to the internet.  Last night that happened to me.

Even though I screamed for our IT company to come rescue me (and they did I might add at 8:30 pm. Thank you Mike at Remote Techs) I don’t understand why the wireless server had to go out now.  Just before High Holy Days.  The choir is practicing with the Cantor in the sanctuary, the Ritual Committee was assigning honors in the Conference Room and I was waiting for the repair man.

It used to be before the holy days I could count on people getting sick and having lots of hospital visits or God-forbid a funeral or two to get in the way of sermon writing and preparations.  But now it is the computer ghouls.

Out out damn ghouls.  If I believed in exorcism then perhaps there might be preventative ones for electronica!  But I guess you need a priest for that not a rabbi.

So if you have any suggestions to chase away the computer ghouls so I can safely work during this Jewish crunch season. I am open.

Ghouls be gone!

3 thoughts on “Computer Ghouls”

  1. I believe that those are the same ghouls who attacked my previous laptop just before I was to take the bar exam on that very laptop. (Sadly, that damned laptop was ultimately given a non-Jewish burial and replaced). Sometimes technology is our friend, and sometimes it is our worst enemy

  2. Blessings and curses! Our nervous systems are connected via chemical and electrical impulses> It follows that computers could sense our neuronal chemistry through the fingertip interface on the keyboard — much like the Borg interconnectedness amongst hybrid robo-humans or the Navi communications with animals via hair follicles.

    How’s that for doctoral-level B.S.?

  3. Rabbi, Denise, re: computer ghouls. Awful beings, indeed. … my solution is to call the computer doctor, scares the heck out of them every time. Once in a while he actually has to walk in my front door… and then for sure they vanish… usually works for weeks at a time, so one call now should get you at least til Sukkot 🙂 … I had been calling them gremlins, but ghouls is a heavier duty variety. Hatzlacha! And most importantly, shana tova! (from Jerusalem…. RH and YK here!! totally sublime). D

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