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Faith in Motion

Saturday night I was lucky to attend and speak at a house party for California Faith For Equality.  (Thanks Jane and Leesa!)  This is a wonderful and very important organization.  I sit on the Board and I have been a founding member of this group.  It has the largest network of progressive people of faith in California on any issue. But CFE works hard on justice and equality for gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender people here in California. It is a model for working with people of faith, clergy and most importantly transforming hearts and minds throughout our state.

California Faith For Equality pre-existed the No on Prop 8 campaign but really took off helping mobilize and teach people of faith throughout the state and get them to think about marriage equality.  California Faith For Equality didn’t work on the campaign itself but rather committed itself to education and to helping churches, synagogues, mosques and temples and their leaders, professional and lay, engage in civil discourse and conversation and thoughtfulness about their traditions and about secular society. 

California Faith for Equality has with the help of the Human Rights Campaign begun a process of training faith leaders to engage their churches and weave marriage equality work into their every day justice work.  It also has been working with secular activists to get them to understand better how to work with the faith community.

California Faith for Equality had more than 900 faith leaders across California sign on the amicus brief during the California Supreme Court challenge to Prop 8 and recently signed on to an  amicus brief in the federal court challenge of Prop 8. CFE is doing the hard work on so many levels.

This is why I am so proud to be a part of CFE.  They really put faith in motion across our state on behalf of LGBT rights.  Marriage Equality is only one lens by which this is done.  But it is a model for other groups throughout the U.S.    I hope you will put your faith in motion and help support California Faith for Equality.  Donate online.  It will help move hearts and minds and this is the only way we will restore marriage equality in our state!

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