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iT’filah…Mishkan T’filah App is Here

OK! HERE IT IS! I am sooooo jazzed.  The Reform Prayerbook–Mishkan T’filah is available for your Ipad.  Well at least the Friday night service.  And it sings and chants too.   It follows the printed version and follows the two page spread.  It is interactive and with a simple swipe turns the page and has both vertical swiping too!  Thank you CCAR Press, Rabbi Hara Person and Rabbi Dan Medwin!!!!

Who wants to bring it to services Friday night, Dec. 9 and Daven with me?

Here is a link to it :

2 thoughts on “iT’filah…Mishkan T’filah App is Here”

  1. Done! Downloaded! I’m so there. Now we just need to remember to keep the sound muted so that Cantor and iCantor aren’t competing…

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