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Knesset trying to change the Law of Return

Once again the Knesset of Israel is trying to mess with Israel’s Law of Return. The Law of Return ensures that every Jew has a right to emigrate to Israel.    The right-wingers are trying to exert their religious power to further erode the Diaspora Jewish communities’ religious authority in the area of conversion.  They are trying to make sweeping changes to further distinguish between Jews-by-choice and Jews by birth.

What they don’t understand in their continued and ever-increasing narrow-mindedness is that they will further divide the Jewish People into oblivion.  This isn’t about a loving sense of K’lal Yisrael-the peoplehood of Israel.  This is about power.  The Prime Minister, the Courts of Israel and the Diaspora must protest this absolute destructive tendency to eat at the Jewish people from within.  

Israel is the cradle of the Jewish people. But our people thrives and grows world-wide with those who choose to be a part of the Jewish people.  In truth whether we are born Jewish or become Jewish we all choose Judaism.  The choice is up to each individual to be a part or to separate from our customs, traditions and peoplehood.   In the 21st Century we Jewish leaders must do more to nurture bonds of those who choose Judaism and those who are born Jewish.  Our people is small. But we have a way of life that is big and meaningful. 

Jewish leadership should help spread that meaning-not keep it under wraps.

Call your local Consulate or Embassy to protest changes in the Law of Return.  In Los Angeles The Israeli Consulate phone number is  323 852 5502.

1 thought on “Knesset trying to change the Law of Return”

  1. I agree with you and the many of these Parties in the Knesset probably don’t even read the Tanakh or Talmud like they should because it’s very clear that whether one is born of a Jewish Mother like I was or had to convert is irrelevant. Why don’t they take a look at the story of Ruth. Also it seems to me their idea that they want to distinguish between Jews-by-choice and Jews by birth, to me is pretty racist, prejudice and discriminatory. Also the last time I read up on this the Israeli Supreme Court ruled any conversion be it Orthodox, Conservative or Reform were valid and the Interior Ministry must register them as Jews.

    Also I think it’s very sad that you have Jews that think because they were born into it, they’re superior to those who had to convert or those that came from interfaith relationships

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