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My invocation for President Obama

As a proud SC alumna

יי שפתי תפתח ופי יגיד תהלתך

Adonai Sfatai tiftach ufi yagid t’helatecha

O God Open up my lips that my mouth may declare your glory. Let us pray.

מקור החיים

Mekor Hachayim- Source of Life itself, that flows through all existence. We come from many places and backgrounds.  We call you by many different names.

We give thanks for this Cardinal and Gold day.  We are grateful for all of the  blessings that surround us and our Trojan Family.   Bless all who gather here, those who teach and work on this campus, those who study and learn and all the community members who have come to hear the President this day.

In these difficult economic times we especially turn to Your Holy Presence and seek Your abundant love and strength. Shower us with the fortitude to make a difference.  Grant us patience as our President and his advisors, elected officials and business leaders work hand in hand to change the course of this economy.  Lift up those who have fallen and teach us to more and more care for our neighbors.  As You taught us in Scripture: Ahavta Reyacha Kamocha: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.

In recent weeks there have been so many deaths by suicide of young people who have been bullied because they are gay.  Terrel, Seth, Tyler, Billy, Asher, Raymond and sadly so many more. We grieve and mourn for their deaths.  Help us to create safer schools and campuses free from harassment and bullying because of gender or sexual orientation; abilty; race  or the practice of faith or no faith at all.  Help us teach our young people who even in their darkest and most difficult hour: When they feel they don’t belong because someone taunted them, teased them, or bullied them —be near to them and let them each hear our collective voices ring out—It Gets Better!

We also ask for Your abundance blessings upon our country. May it be a stronghold of peace and an advocate for peace among the nations.  Bless those who serve our nation at home and abroad in the efforts of peace. And bless those who wish to serve but are yet prevented by acts of inequality and fear.  For You Eternal Holy One dower us with the blessings of equality.  We are all made in Your Holy image.

We ask You to Bless the leaders of our country that they may rise to do justice.  Help us remember our responsibilities to vote.   Help us place goodness and mercy and peace and equality above political expediency.  Teach us seek out the gifts our country offers, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all our residents and citizens.

Bless our President and his family with good health, and surround them with love.  Sustain him with courage to face those who would tear our country apart even as we try to build it up.  Bless him with vision to make peace where there is strife.  Enable him to stand for the dignity and equality of all people even when others fear difference.

And let our President come to know the blessing of the Trojan Family—the fortitude and strength of the age-old hope—Fight On!  Fight On to move America forward.

In the many names we pray.  Amen.


10 thoughts on “My invocation for President Obama”

  1. Quite eloquent. Aside from the references to USC it was right on the mark.
    Hillel Cohn (UCLA ’59)

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  3. Your words will live on in many people’s hearts and minds, they will cause others to make a difference. We are thilled we could be there with you and for you.
    k and Ben
    (tried to post this on your facebook wall, no luck)

  4. Dear Rabbi Denise,

    When I heard my name called out at the protest, I turned and saw you standing there. My heart lit up with the joy one feels on seeing a good friend. You are a blessing to our community and a light that dispels darkness.

    Thank you,

    Father Geoff Farrow

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