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Reflections on my Dad

Today is my dad’s 16th yarzeit.  That means that he died 16 years ago today according to the Jewish calendar. I can’t believe he is gone so long.  He was a gentle and kind man with amazing blue eyes.  I always learned a lot from him.  He taught me the real meaning of being color-blind.  He didn’t see someone’s race–only the fact that they were a human being.  He didn’t see or was influenced by someone’s station in life.  Rich or poor my father treated everyone the same–with kindness and respect.

He was a quiet man and I don’t think I heard him raise his voice even 10 times!

He worked so very hard for his family often putting aside his own dreams for his parents, wife and kids.

I remember him today with deep love and fondness.  I remember him today for the mensch that he was.  I remember him and honor him for teaching me the meaning of tzedakah.  I remember and honor him for being an wonderful father who made up special stories for me.  I remember him today and everyday for being so loving and accepting.  Thank you Dad.  I really really miss you.


3 thoughts on “Reflections on my Dad”

  1. Rabbi Eger, may you be comforted, may you be comforted in the loss you are feeling today, knowing you are SO loved and respected by so many people. It is an honor to know you and to call you “my rabbi.” Loving hugs to you, especially today, Dinah

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