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Shabbat Angels and Harmony

Shabbat Shalom.   I am looking forward tonight to being with Vox Femina at the Zipper Auditorium, 200 N. Grand Av in Downtown Los Angeles as they perform their fall concert Vox Judaica.   I have the great privilege of introducing a piece of music dedicated to the Women of the Wall who struggle for religious equality in Israel.   I hope to see you there.  8 pm.

This Shabbat our patriarch Jacob dreams of a ladder rising to the heavens. On it our angels ascending and descending from earth to heaven and back again.

Who are the angels in our midst?  Are you one of them.  Jewish tradition teaches that the Angels of Peace help us usher in Shabbat.   Let us pray that these angels of peace are in our midst today.  Invite them in.  Nurture them.  And nurture the peace in yourself today.


May your Sabbath be filled with peace and harmony.

1 thought on “Shabbat Angels and Harmony”

  1. Angels seem to be the theme–think Zachariah today! But what and who is an angel in 2010? How do we conceptualize an angel in modern times?

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