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So Sad #WhitneyRIP

It is so sad to think of Whitney Houston’s death.  A beautifully talented but tortured soul.  May the many who loved her, her daughter, mother, family and friends and her many fans around the world take some comfort in the fact that her voice and image will live on in our lives.  She had a gift from God.  Her voice brought solace and hope to so many people.  The anthem she sang about the greatest love of all…self-love was lost on her own self.   Rabbi Hillel would teach us “If I am not for myself, Who am I?”

Her addictions to drugs and alcohol clearly masked deep pains in her life.  And perhaps it was that very struggle with her own demons that gave her voice a special quality.

I was struck by how many artists last night at the Grammy Awards brought her memory before us.  But did they reach out to her in her struggle?

If you know someone struggling with addictions-Do NOT Sit Idly by the blood of your neighbor the Torah teaches us.   Reach out.  Offer help.  They may not be ready to receive it. They may not be ready to hear it or recognize that they even have a problem. But don’t ignore the elephant in the room.

It will only lead to more deaths and more destruction.

I hope Whitney Houston has found a measure of peace in the arms of the Eternal One.  I hope in the days and weeks ahead her daughter, mother and whole family will find comfort in the arms of their God and the millions of fans around the world who stand with them in their grief.

1 thought on “So Sad #WhitneyRIP”

  1. A tragic and shocking end to an amazing talent. Many issues involved here. Personal responsibility and the role of enablers are both at issue. It’s time for the Music Industry to address the prevalence of drugs in the business and the people pushing them. This death was preventable. Bobby Brown plays a significant role in this turn of events as well.

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