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So we Stay

So the Court ruled–The ninth Circuit court continued the stay on marriage.  And so we wait.  The court asked the filers why the Yes on Prop 8 people have any standing at all to appeal.  This is a good thing.  They do not represent the State of California. So they must justify taking this case farther.  Notice they were not the named defendants–it was Perry v Schwarzenegger.   Notice that it was the Governor.   Arnold.   And he and the Attorney General  Jerry Brown on behalf of the State will not defend Prop 8 in court.

The Ninth Circuit has said materials in to the court in November  and hearings in December.  So we wait and we stay put.  Wedding plans are on hold.

But do not lose hope.  Each step along the way is progress.  And the more we press for justice.  The better our world will be. So press on.

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