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So What if the Lakers Win

Okay I will admit it. I am a baseball snob.  I know I am supposed to be happy that the Lakers won the NBA Championship. But I don’t really care.  I don’t care that Phil Jackson is the winningest coach with 11 titles.  I don’t care that this is a back to back win for Los Angeles.  I don’t care that this is Kobe’s fourth ring.

I don’t care about pro-basketball.  It is baseball season.  That is all the matters.   Not the World Cup.  Not Kobe.  Not the Celtics.  For me it is baseball.  MLB.  The College World Series in Omaha.  Minor Leagues. And my kid’s teams:  Scout ball, American Legion and Sr. Little League.  Baseball  in every form. Every day.

I know I should have more civic pride.  I should be happy that the Los Angeles team triumphed.   But why do basketball fans feel the need to riot after a championship?  The poor LAPD was on standby alert after the game.  And had to quell the crowds and fires were put out.

I know I was in the minority in Los Angeles.  I didn’t watch the final game other than a quick glimpse early in the evening as I left the restaurant from dinner.  And as I was messing around at home all of a sudden a scream went up in the neighborhood! I heard it through several open windows coming from many different directions.  It was the moment when the clock ran out and LA was on top!  The city screams in joy–even in my relatively quiet neighborhood.  Yep-I am in the minority.

But just wait til the baseball playoffs. Cause I will be the one yelling and screaming and cheering! And I will be rooting regardless of whether it is an LA Team like my Angels or the Dodgers.  Cause I love baseball in every form!

1 thought on “So What if the Lakers Win”

  1. Three cheers for another sane voice regarding the Lakers–namely who cares! I can’t agree more with you on this one. I only saw the last 5 seconds of the final game in passing and then heard about the mayhem that followed the game.

    What I can’t understand is that come Monday thousands will rally to watch a Lakers parade on Figueroa, while playing hookey from work and snarling traffic in the process. All for what–to “honor” a sports team? Aren’t there more important things people should be turning out for?

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