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Stop Genocide: Walk

Have you registered yet?  I mean for the Jewish World Watch Walk to End Genocide on Sunday April 10.  It is a few weeks away I know.  But as we just observed the Holiday of Purim and today is Shushan Purim (Purim observed in walled cities (like Jerusalem) now is a good time to be inspired to sign up to walk and raise funds for Jewish World Watch in the fifth annual Walk to End Genocide.

The work they are doing to bring attention to the situation in Darfur and the Congo is amazing. Jewish World Watch is hammering electronic companies to not buy conflict minerals from the many militias that are wreaking havoc upon the villages and towns of the Congo.  The minerals used in all of our electronics from cell phones to computers are plentiful in the Congo.  And the terrorizing gangs of militias use the funds to buy more arms and rape and murder the women and men throughout the country.

The situation for the refugees in Darfur in southern Sudan continues to be desperate. As the world’s attention shifts from crisis to crisis, from Egypt to Bahrain, to Libya to Japan we can’t forget the genocides that are still brewing in other parts of the world.

Purim was about genocide of the Jews averted through the heroism of Esther. She spoke up. She advocated to the royal powers.  Jewish World Watch helps us to speak up and advocate for those who can’t.  Come walk with Kol Ami Social Action and our Religious School If you click on that link you will be taken to our page and if you can’t walk DONATE on our page.  We are trying to raise 1500.00 dollars from our Congregation. It is an easy stroll in Woodland Hills and an important way we turn our words and prayers into action. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel taught that protest marches were like “Praying with your feet”.  Come pray with your feet.  And raise awareness of what is happening in Darfur and the Congo.

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