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Sunday, Sunday

I dream of the ideal Sunday.  For most of my life I have had Sundays at Temple either attending Religious School or teaching religious school or running religious school.  In truth I love being at Temple (that should be obvious I became a rabbi!)  But there are moments when I long to have a real week-end.  For me the week never really ends.  I kind of go from day off to day off.  But Mondays aren’t the same as a two-day weekend!

So I think about what an ideal Sunday might look like.  My ideal Sunday includes, wonderful, hot coffee (with half n’half), the New York Times and the time to read it.   My ideal Sunday includes a sunny, warm day and a walk outside.  My ideal Sunday is watching my kid play ball.  (Okay, one game not two). My ideal Sunday includes time to be with my family and perhaps a late afternoon glass of wine with friends. An ideal Sunday might include a matinée – movie, theatre, or other performance or a pro baseball game.   My ideal Sunday includes a time to prepare for the week ahead mentally and time to prepare physically for the week ahead.  My ideal Sunday includes a dinner at home (which doesn’t happen very much for me) perhaps with some friends over to share it.  My ideal Sunday includes going to bed at a decent hour to be ready for the week!

For now I know these are dreams or only readily doable in the summer when there is no religious school. But a girl can certainly dream.   

What does your ideal Sunday consist of ?

2 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday”

  1. The last time I wrote about my ideal Sunday was for a Great Expectations profile…16 years ago, I was trolling for a mate, and I wrote a scenario that sounded similar to you Denise; waking up whenever my eyes opened, some coffee, spooning, the NY Times, BLCC followed by some kind of cardioesque something or other and a movie, oh yeah, I am sure the classic walk on the beach came in there somewhere and it’s so funny,, it’s not that I don’t really enjoy that fantasy, but my current truth is getting up and engaging in the negotiation to get my kids up, get the meds, the hygiene, the breakfast in and get to Sunday School and then for a few seconds during prayers express my deepest gratitude to God for giving me this reality of being connected to a family, to a community, to a faith where I ask to be supported in being the best mother, wife, daughter, producer and friend that I can be. And for another second, just a second, the ideal is real.

  2. A perfect Sunday is no plan at all. Maybe a day of absolute silence to clear the mind of the trivia and overload of the previous week so the attack of the new Monday is sharp and to the point without over riding issues.

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