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The attack on Women

It is a week until election day.  I used to spend lots of summers in Mississippi.  I have childhood friends that live there. Next week they will face in the voting booth an initiative that will make a fertilized embryo a human being.  Thus abortion will be the equivalent of murder!  Proposition 26 is a trial balloon by the radical right to destroy the rights of women and access to necessary healthcare.  It criminalizes abortion even if it threatens the life of the mother.  There are similar initiatives in Florida and Ohio and several other states.   In fact there are petitions for the personhood initiative in all 50 states.  Read more about this Colorado based group who is trying to change the laws everywhere.

This initiative and similar ones in Michigan, Florida and Ohio would also ban birth control like the pill.

The New York Times wrote about this. Click here to read more

Jewish tradition has always permitted abortion when it threatens the life of the mother.  The fetus is not a human being in Jewish tradition until the greater part of its head is out of the womb.  This ballot initiative is antithetical to our religious teachings.

Please make a donation to Planned Parenthood  or better yet a political donation to Mississippian for Healthy Families which is the NO on 26 campaign.  They could use a boost

1 thought on “The attack on Women”

  1. I would say there are three main components to these life debates: the concept of bio-power, changes in perception of “personhood,” and the constant waves of new technologies.
    Personally, I believe that viability plays the biggest role in this debate, not fingernails or other trivial matters that anti-abortionists use to power their arguments about personhood. Note the word “personally.” This matter is different around the world as well as different for each individual. That’s why Mississippi legally deciding when personhood begins really angers me. Bio-power should not revolve around this issue and I truly hope voters see that this law shouldn’t be so strictly mandated by the state.

    I expanded my thoughts here:

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