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The Lastest Casualties

Americans are still dying in Afghanistan. For more than a decade now we have been hunkered down there only to have the Taliban rise again in power and significance. The wear and tear on our precious citizens who fight there has been too horrible.  We can see the toll it is taking not just financially upon our budgets but in their lives.  The massacre by an American soldier who shot 16 innocent Afghans, the burning of the Koran by soldiers, the urination on the dead by some of our soldiers.  War is always dehumanizing for both sides. America’s military prides itself on being somehow “better” – more humane.  But these acts attest to the atrocities that come with war.

Afghanistan has been a quagmire for the greatest military forces throughout history from Alexander the Great to the Soviet Army and now the U.S.

We must exit now. Not wait another two years.  We should have left much sooner.

We mourn the latest casualties:  Say a prayer for them and their families.

Here again is the weekly toll of those who gave themselves for our nation,
let us earn it.

* U.S. Department of Defense Military Casualty Update: March 8 – 14, 2012*

Spc. Edward J. Acosta, USA, 21 of California died March 5 in California

Staff Sgt. Jesse J. Grindey, USA, 30 of Wisconsin died March 12 in

May their memory be a blessing and may their families be consoled

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