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The Marriage Equality Train

So it is happening.  The numbers are moving and even members of the GOP can see the future.  That future includes equality for gay and lesbian Americans too.  The train has left the station. The Washington Post reported how some leaders of the Republican Party are changing their public stance on gay marriage.   Read this outstanding Washington Post article. They realize the numbers are not in their direction on this issue.  There have been several studies about young Christian evangelicals.  Even they are increasingly supportive of gay marriage.  And that is also why a number of the fundamentalist mega churches and their pastors have de-emphasized their opposition to gay marriage.   They realize they are on a losing side of history.

In “Beyond the God Gap: A New Roadmap for Reaching Religious Americans on Public Policy Issues” by Third Way and Public Religion Research young white evangelicals were more than twice as likely as the overall population of white evangelicals to support gay marriage. And they were even more likely to support civil unions.  This trend is far from being a majority.  But it is a trend towards acceptance.   And this is always a good thing in the opposition!  The trend goes even higher towards acceptance when the law protects religious liberty.  This is ironic because religious liberty is guaranteed by our Constitution.  But some people still can’t read I guess.

In fact here in California our State Assembly and Senate passed just such a bill.  Brought to our senate by Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) SB 906 The Civil Marriage Religious Freedom Act reaffirms what we already know: That clergy can determine who they marry or not based on their religious traditions.  Seems like some people need that reassurance.  As a rabbi I decide when and where and with whom I will officiate at a wedding.  I base it on many criteria.

But some conservatives have been using the red herring line-“They will force me to do gay marriages” as a rallying cry.  But the train has left the station.

And marriage equality will prevail.

2 thoughts on “The Marriage Equality Train”

  1. Great news for sure…but what about our President-Democrat Obama. When will he publicly declare his support for gay marriage?

  2. I agree with Ron. The deadline to decide whether to appeal the Massachusetts DOMA decision is before the Nov. elections.

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