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Turning 50

Well it has been a whole week of 50. I turned 50 a week ago and so far so good!  Everyone who beat here tells me that this decade is potentially one of the greatest of one’s life.  The first week was not so bad! I started it watching baseball with my kid at Spring Training in Arizona and then spent a few days on retreat by myself in Sedona. 

I began 50 with meditation, massage and relaxation.  I hope something that will mark and define this decade for me.  That doesn’t mean I plan to rest on my laurels or sit still.  I feel like I am moving at lightening speed and more creative than ever.  But I do want to take greater stock and measure more of my experiences and projects. 

In Sedona I went on a tour of the vortexes.  These are the rock formations that surround the city of Sedona which sits in a valley.  The beautiful rock formations have names like Thunder Mountain, Bell Mountain and Table Mesa.
My Native American guide, Jerry Red Eagle took me first to the Buddhist Peace Stupa.  Built on a small hill with lots of natural vegetation around.  Jerry called out to the many different types of animals living in the small parkland.  Giant Arizona Blue birds and Javelinas who would feast on the prickly cactus responded with their animal sounds to his calls. 

Jerry gave me some special sage from his home reservation in La Jolla, California to bring to the Peace Stupa.  There in quiet mediation I walked three times around the monument and we engaged in silent meditation asking for the peace of this place to infuse our own being.

From the visit to the Stupa, we made our way toward the Sedona Airport up a hill.  This has a killer view from up here of the many rock formations that look like everything from a coffeepot to an eagle flying.  But each of these is a vortex–a place of special energy.  Jerry explained that there is both male and female energy in different formations.  Tall, phallic looking rock formations were male according to native America tradition and rounded hills and mountains, female energy.  The energy output comes from the various crystal deposits in the rocks which are made up of both limestone layers, sandstone layers and then a variety of crystal and mineral deposits.

These crystals and minerals give off different energies and magnetic resonances according to Jerry Red Eagle.  Overlooking the valley, Jerry led a what he called a “grounding meditation.”  A meditation that would ground the soul and connect it to the great Oneness of the Universe through the cord of life that ran through our bodies.

Ironically, I found that his meditations were not so different from Jewish ideas.  Each morning we pray Elohai Neshama shenata bi t’horah hi–the soul that you have given me O God is pure. You formed it and breathed it into me.  Our Jewish idea of the soul is that it comes from God–that first breath into the first human being and the soul is connected forever with the Divine Holy One.  It is through our soul that we are connected to the Oneness that is God!

So though Jerry Red Eagle spoke in the language of his native American tradition-I could find a link to my own tribal Jewish language.  And this brought me comfort and peace.

A good way to start the 50’s!

I highly recommend it.

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  1. Happy Birthday Denise!!
    Your retreat to Sedona sounds wonderful! I encourage you to pursue and make time for these opportunities to rest, contemplate and rejuvenate.
    And I know I am one of so many who are greatful for your leadership and friendhip.
    See you Friday!

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