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Walking Humbly. Seeking Justice. Living with Hope

Some of you might notice I have added a new title to my blog.  I have been mulling for some time a title that would convey a little more about my approach and my philosophy and theology.  The title is a compilation of several themes and suggestions from several people who know me really well.  

If you have ever been in my office at Kol Ami you know that surrounding the window in my office that looks out onto the sanctuary is a verse from the  Biblical book of Micah.  What does God require of you? Only to do justice, love compassion and walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8).   It encapsulates for me, a spiritual mantra if you will. It is the entire Torah summed up into one phrase about how to live in the world and how to relate to the Holy One of Blessing. This verse from the prophet Micah guides me in my work and in my life.  Humility, Justice and Compassion.  These are more than words or ideas. They are a way of life.

That is why I have “riffed” on the verse for my blog title.  I wanted to convey to you the readers and to myself frankly a way to tie together all that I write out there in the world.  Whether I am writing about clearly spiritual issues or what seems like something more trivial-like baseball or football (although I recognize that for some sports are indeed a serious spiritual issue), I do so with a sense of purpose, a sense of creating meaning and in the end the greatest gift any one can ask for is a life and attitude of hope. 

To live life without hope is death and darkness.  For me–the goal even when I am traveling down Ezekiel’s dark vision of the valley of dry bones is to find the pathways of hope out of that scary moment, out of that trouble.  For me walking with God helps points me toward hope.

So hence a new title for my blog.  And a daily reminder dear readers not for you-but for me of my own mission in life.

Walking Humbly, Seeking Justice,  Living with hope.

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