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Yet another road closure UGH

Okay here is another Pet Peeve.   Road closures for races, marathons, 5k’s and charity walks.   I know you didn’t expect me to be a bit of a Scrooge.  But I am done with the LA Marathon, Triathlon, walk for this and walk for that, Halloween and Mardi Gras  street closures.  It is getting really annoying. This past Sunday around the French Market was yet another Road Closure.  For a  10k and 5k run.  I know it was a charity run to raise money for yet another worthy cause.  But it is getting annoying that almost every weekend there is yet another street closure.  Traffic on the Westside is bad enough without it being snarled on purpose.

Charity walks and run are important.  But can’t they be contained on tracks like the Coliseum? Or on the Venice Boardwalk? Or even the track a Fairfax High?   Why in the middle of a Sunday morning do they have to close the streets so no one can get from Hollywood to Culver City?

I am done with them.  Time for some virtual runs and walks.  Or better yet. Let’s fill the Grove with Treadmills and stationary bikes. Let’s do the 5k and LA Triathlon like that. Then the streets aren’t closed. More foot traffic for the stores. And everyone can park their car!

Hmmmm Perhaps I have a new charity fundraiser on our hands! Anyone game?

2 thoughts on “Yet another road closure UGH”

  1. You forgot about the Caltrans closures on the 405 North, the the Pasadena Fwy (110), and the offramps in numerous areas. I do have the utmost respect, however, for the men and women of Caltrans who risk their lives putting out cones and working at 3 AM to fix potholes, and add car pool lanes.

  2. I have one just as good … a few weeks back here in Silverlake you couldn’t even move … I think they have just about everythink blocked off for some marathon starting in Griffith Park running along Riverside tangling around Hyperion around the Lake and back aroung again and then headed towards downtown … with roads closed form like 6am through 1pm … was a total disaster … I agree … find someplace where you don’t disrupt the traffic flow – it’s bad enough!

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